The National CARES Mentoring Movement is deeply grateful to founding Rising funder, The Open Society Foundations and The Campaign for Black Male Achievement. Without their belief and support, we would not be poised to help shift the futures of over 1,000 of Chicago’s most precious citizens. You too can make a difference!

Every dollar donated to The Rising at Harlan goes to support the continued delivery of our inspiring and innovative programming. Caring individuals, philanthropic organizations and corporations linking arms and aims with us, will ensure that the children we love and need, are no longer left behind or lost to us altogether. To support the movement to reclaim our children, click below to donate.

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The National CARES Mentoring Movement is a community-engagement effort committed to closing the huge gap between the relatively few Black mentors and the many Black children in need of mentoring support. We recruit, train and deploy adults to serve as mentors in schools and youth-serving organizations that use the traditional one-to-one model; and we develop culturally grounded, evidence-based, group-mentoring programs so we will serve more of the multitudes of children in need of our mentoring support. Working through a growing national network of nearly 60 CARES Mentor-Recruitment Affiliates throughout the nation, National CARES has recruited more than 125,000 mentors who are serving more than 135,000 children.